William Tell┊You Can Hold Me Down

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  在YueCool听见这张专辑,觉得还不错,转过来推荐给大家听听。特别喜欢《Slipping Under》、《Maybe Tonight》    

  Few things in life go according to plan, a lesson that inspired many of the songs on the solo album from singer-songwriter WILLIAM TELL. His debut album YOU CAN HOLD ME DOWN will be released on MARCH 13, 2007 on New Door Records/UMe.

  生命中的几乎没有可以提前计划的事,这正是歌手兼作词人WILLIAM TELL的独唱专辑中的许多歌所要表达的。他的首张专辑YOU CAN HOLD ME DOWN将会在2007年的3月13日开始发行,唱片公司为New Door Records/UMe

  Ever since Tell penned his first tune in eighth grade, he has been driven by an intense desire to write, sing and record his own songs and has dedicated his life to music. YOU CAN HOLD ME DOWN fulfills Tell’s lifelong dream and represents the start of a new chapter in his life. “I’ve been building up to this moment ever since I can remember. Growing up, if I wasn’t playing music, I was thinking about music. I’m pretty much the same way today,”he says. “If my time in Something Corporate was my college education, then this album is my diploma.”

  Tell至从在他八年级时写下的第一首曲子起,一直以来,他总是被一种想写,想唱和想录自己歌的专辑歌的强烈欲望驱动着,并要将自己的一生献给音乐. YOU CAN HOLD ME DOWN充满了Tell毕生的梦想,也展现出了他生命中一个新篇章的开始.”从我可以记事起我就一直向着这个时刻努力前进.我是在思考音乐而不是玩弄音乐,这样我才能成长.而今天我仍然坚信着这条道路.”他说到”如果Something Corporate这段时期是我的大学的话,那么这张专辑就是我的毕业证书.”

专辑:You Can Hold Me Down
歌手:William Tell
公司:New Door Records
风格:Alternative Rock

Track List:

01. Jeannie
02. Slipping Under (Sing Along to Your Favorite Song)
03. Trouble
04. Fairfax
05. Like You, Only Sweeter
06. Maybe Tonight
07. Young At Heart
08. Sounds
09. Just For You
10. You Can Hold Me Down

试听:Slipping Under|Slipping Under|300|30

试听:Maybe Tonight
http://absky.lifelogger.com/media/audio0/358195_okoflijnfa_conv.flv|Maybe Tonight|300|30



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